The Founders

Prabir Kumar Chattopadhyay and Biswajit Deb Das first introduced their Bengali cuisine to Londoners via their hugely successful supper clubs in 2015. These informal gatherings saw them grow from serving 10 friends to over 150 enthusiastic guests including food critics and journalists from both the UK and India in a matter of a few months’ excited word of mouth. Little Kolkata is the next step on their journey to showcase all that is good about their birth place, serving the highest quality dishes in a relaxed setting as welcoming as Kolkata itself.

Inspiration- The City

Kolkata is often referred to as the City of Joy. It could equally be called the City of Light, with its memorable orange glow courtesy of the Victorian street lamp shades which line the streets. Or it could be the City of Change, a place in a constant state of flux as it adapts to the needs of the modern age and its inhabitants. Occasionally, it is true, it can also resemble the City of Chaos - particularly during its manic and maddening rush hour. But mostly, City of Joy works just fine, capturing the sheer magic of walks along the Ganges, the friendly faces and the history which permeates every corner.

Kolkata Cuisine

As India’s oldest port, Kolkata has long been a hub for myriad cultures, all of which have brought ideas that continue to influence its cuisine today. In addition, the region’s unique topography is key; its proximity to the Ganges ensures that fish is often a central ingredient, while local produce such as mustard and sugar cane provide flavours unlike anything else India has to offer.

The fact that two of the most beloved dishes in the region are the Kati Roll and the Goat Kosha curry reflects the contrasting paces of life that co-exist in West Bengal. The former is a street food classic, centred around spiced fillings such as egg, paneer and lamb in a rolled paratha flat bread. It is rumoured to have originated from the demands of hurried and harried commuters. The latter, meanwhile, is altogether more leisurely. a slow cooked family weekend staple, the type of dish of which every Bengali thinks their family has the definitive version.

Little Kolkata co-founder Prabir’s grandfather was head priest at Kolkata’s historic Kalighat temple, and it was by watching his grandmother and mother manage the Hindu temple’s feeding of several thousand people every day that he first became drawn to the power that good food has to bring people together and put smiles on the faces of the most weary of guests.

Little Kolkata’s aim is to bring together all this history, diversity and innovation - as well as the best Kati Rolls and Goat Kosha curry recipes - to a friendly and relaxed London restaurant.

The Restaurant

Little Kolkata is a canteen-style restaurant situated in London’s bustling Covent Garden. The restaurant’s decor is replete with genuine Bengali touches. Terracotta tableware, vintage flooring, bare concrete walls and splashes of deep red are all synonymous with the region’s heritage homes, serving the dual purpose of radiating Kolkata’s warmth and hospitality while also providing Prabir and Biswajit with calming reminders of home!.


Awaken your senses to the warm colours, cosy interiors, cheerful cacophony, and noisy buzz with backdrop of sweet music and aromatic Bengali food with soothing cocktails.

A validation that you are in good company, great service and mouth-watering sumptuous food sure enough to satiate your hunger, fill your heart with positivity and calm your soul.

Experience the true vibrancy of Kolkata at Little Kolkata.