The Founders

Little Kolkata began its journey in the summers of 2015 , introducing Bengali cuisine on a global platform through supper clubs in Central London. Its founders, both being foodies, Prabir Kumar Chattopadhyay and Biswajit Deb Das are all about feeding people and tantalizing their taste buds with flavours that the duo have grown up with, in their birth place, Kolkata, India.

Inspiration- The City

Kolkata-the city of Joy depicts a perfect blend of passion and heritage within the urban model of a city which constantly revolutionizes to suit the growing needs of the newer generations and immerses in the competitive consumerism. One can still find a hand pulled rikshaw next to skyscrapers, or trams crawling on busy roads filled with luxury cars. You could either walk into a Starbucks or get a hot kulhad (mud pot) tea at any corner of the city. You could fine dine or hit the streets famous for their freshly cooked meals. Kolkata has been known for its food; street food, canteen food, home food, Bengali wedding menus, temple food or even age old Mughal recipes. Little Kolkata has attempted to design an eclectic menu from the different genre of food available in the city, Kolkata, by adapting global interpretations of ingredients and customer taste buds and the different flavour combinations.


The Bengali cuisine is fresh and has a subtle taste, which uses different Indian condiments and herbs to produce a definite taste, unique to each recipe. No item on the menu tastes like any other item on the same menu. The food is light on the stomach and yet boasts of flavours that will keep you wanting for more. Each recipe has multi level cooking process and is cooked fresh for the guests.

The Restaurant

Housed in Covent Garden, canteen style, decorated with quirky yet authentically Bengali interiors emulating old heritage homes back home, depicting the warmth synonymous to Kolkata hospitality.


Awaken your senses to the warm colours, cosy interiors, cheerful cacophony, and noisy buzz with backdrop of sweet music and aromatic Bengali food with soothing cocktails.

A validation that you are in good company, great service and mouth-watering sumptuous food sure enough to satiate your hunger, fill your heart with positivity and calm your soul.

Experience the true vibrancy of Kolkata at Little Kolkata.